Version 0.3

  • After many complaints (3, so 75% of my playerbase), I changed around the second level for less "impossible to perfect" obstacles. Also it no longer has the 'straight down' section.
  • Added a new level. This one has something unique about it…
  • Added a killbox so in the event that you fall out of the level, the level resets itself.
  • Added pickups to slightly reduce time and encourage learning for new players..
    • Made said pickup rotate in all sorts of random directions.
    • Added that randomness behaviour to the title screen basketball.
    • Fixed bug where pickups would increment the checkpoint counter.
  • Lowered default volume so if you want it louder, you increase the volume yourself.
  • Stopped multiple versions of the soundtrack playing over itself if you went back to main menu.
    • This however, resets the audio after quitting to the main menu. Still working on that.
  • Fixed the "H" Button not hiding the volume controls.
  • Possibly fixed the “camera gets stuck under hill when going up it slowly” bug. (I couldn’t reproduce it myself, but I know what caused it. Still can’t make it happen, so…)


Basketball Racer - 90 MB
Jan 09, 2018

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